I work for Hitachi Europe Limited, which is a subsidiary of the well-known Japanese company, Hitachi Ltd. The office is in Maidenhead, UK.

I have worked hitherto in both supercomputing and internet routing.


The Hitachi SR8000

For the most part of my time with Hitachi I have been involved with the SR8000 supercomputer, and its predecessor the SR2201. For a fair while our machine at LRZ in Munich (pictured right) was the most powerful computer in Europe, and among the top few machines in the world. It is capable of over 2 trillion calculations per second and is used for scientific research by academics from all over Germany.

Note: the SR8000 pictured was finally switched off in June 2006 after 6 years of outstanding service.


The Hitachi GR2000

For a couple of years I was involved with Hitachi's Internetworking product, the GR2000 (despite the similarity in name, this has nothing at all in common with the supercomputer). This is a very high performance internet router, which supports both IPv4 and IPv6 packet-forwarding in hardware.

IPv6 is the next generation internet protocol. Currently computers talk to each other using IPv4, but IPv4 is showing its age in several ways. IPv6 has many advantages, and eventually we might all be moving over to using it.