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Using the M'Cheyne daily Bible reading server

The Interactive M'Cheyne Bible Calendar uses a client-server architecture, and the data-server is available if you want to incorporate the daily readings into your own Web pages or application.

There used to be a long explanation here how to do this, but frankly it got too much bother to maintain. By all means contact me if you want a hand.

RSS feed

In short, the easiest option is probably to use the RSS feed if you use some blogging or templating software since these often include tools for handling RSS. See how to configure the feed at the RSS page.

Server access

Alternatively, the server output is available in XML. The feed is here: XML M'Cheyne data. You can see what it looks like without browser formatting here: raw XML M'Cheyne data.

The server uses HTTP GET to set the parameters as follows.


Basically, I am happy for you to use the server and data in any way you wish. If your usage of the server threatens to overwhelm my limited bandwidth, or I deem it to be unsuitable for any other reason, then I reserve the right to cut off access without notice or explanation. As ever, a link to these pages, and an acknowledgement would be appreciated!