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Using the M'Cheyne Calendar Without Cookies

If you are blocking or rejecting cookies then the calendar will not be able to remember your preferences between visits.

All, however, is not lost!

Your preferences can be encoded in a URL, and should then be effective for the duration of the session. Bookmarking that URL will then obviate the need for cookie exchange.

Automagic bookmarking

A suitable URL containing all of your preference information is automatically generated by the calendar - it is the link pointed to by the text "Bookmark this" in the preferences panel. Use that for convenient bookmarking of the M'Cheyne Calendar page. But see the following example if you want to edit the bookmark manually. (You'll need to edit the bookmark manually if you want to hide the preferences panel itself.)

Manual bookmarking

Example: You are in Japan (GMT+9), you like the NKJV and the Carson version of the readings, you don't want to see the navigation pane and you like the "slate" skin. So create a bookmark as follows:

A question mark starts the parameters and they are separated with ampersands (note, this is a change from the old version where they were separated with semi-colons). Allowed parameters are as in the table below. Any or all of them may be omitted in which case the default values will apply.

Parameter Values Default Notes
tz -12 ... 12 0 Timezone. Use 0 for GMT/UTC
cal classic or carson classic Calendar version
bible niv, esv, nkjv etc. niv Bible version (lower case)
skin green, slate, grey_r etc. green Skin type
hide_navig t unset Hide navigation pane
hide_prefs t unset Hide preferences pane
hide_blurb t unset Hide text pane
day 0 ... 364 today Day of the year

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